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Founder & Facilitator

Each system of our body has to work together in order for it to function properly. Any disharmony (physical, emotional, or mental) can create an imbalance that leads to dysfunctions or worst, illness. In order for us to stay healthy, we need to take care of ourselves as a whole.


Our business is no different.

Sponge Integration is about assisting holistic health practitioners uplevel their business through personalised one-on-one integrative strategic planning. Sponge supports companies to create & sustain organisational health through seminars and workshops.

After being a business consultant, lecturer and facilitator for over 20 years, and
now as a holistic health practitioner, I realise it is my life purpose to integrate my knowledge, expertise and experience to help people succeed - becoming a better version of yourself and upgrading your business.


You can check out my credentials via LinkedIn and contact me if you would like to work together.

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