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Team Meeting


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So many of us, independent wellness practitioners, want to help as many people help as possible as quick as we can, but many find it hard to answer those simple but tricky questions: Who are you? What do you do? Who do you serve?


Pauline helped me to gather and systemize intelligence about my wellness practice as I was expanding my offering. Even I have done it before, I needed deeper understanding and guidance. I know all too well the possibility of being stuck in “I don’t really know”, and getting paralyzed in actually getting out there and offering your services.


Pauline’s extensive experience both as a corporate consultant and a wellness practitioner really helped me to fine-tune my course. The mind maps we built are on my desk and remind me daily where and how to focus my efforts.


Valeria Boyko

Wholistic Therapies, Shanghai

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Working with Pauline on strategic planning was mind-blowing.


Her systems that layout where your challenges are and where your strengths lie are really easily understood. The action plans that are created together help to move forward with direction and the vision that emerges from the process.


Pauline’s extensive experience working with corporate companies and facilitating workshops, and working with people for in excess of 20 years, shows clearly with her questioning skills to detangle the web of confusion I had with my business and how to grow it.


In addition to Pauline’s coaching skills, she is also a kinesiologist. She includes these in the package on the last session of 5. Whereby, Pauline works on clearing the challenges that have arisen in the previous 4 sessions so that the progress you are aiming for, can be achieved.


I thoroughly recommend Pauline’s Holistic Health Business Strategy Program. This program is jam-packed with content, detailed insights and strategies to walk away with.


Pauline’s sense of humour and relatability means the time passes quickly and you feel inspired to tackle challenges you didn’t realise you had!


Megan McIntyre
Restored Balance Kinesiology, Melbourne

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I loved my online session with Pauline.


Pauline showed great care and skill. I feel terrific, even though I know that the full integration from our session is not yet complete. I am grateful for Pauline's empathic abilities to tune in and glide in the process of Kinesiology. Her highly trained skillset is an absolute asset to her and her clients. Thank you, Pauline, I am so happy to have met.

Gema, Australia

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It was a worthwhile experience having mentored by Pauline on Kinesiology. The online session has enlightened me on the symbiotic interplay of mind, body and the power of touch to holistic well-being. Alongside the amazing improvement in mobilizing my frozen shoulder, Pauline with her purposive, powerful yet very passionate facilitation has helped me install my personal APP of leadership, communication and motivation through cognitive reframing, positive affirmation and mindfulness techniques.

Nora, Philippines

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Pauline has a great facilitating style that sits in the right spot to reach an audience of all types. Her knowledge in the HBDI space is great and has been really helpful to our various teams at Liquidnet.

Jen Lewis

People | Performance & Recruitment APAC
Liquidnet Australia Pty Ltd

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Thank you for delivering a successful workshop for the team these 2 days. I am extremely impressed that you are able to engage and draw out the hidden talent in the team.


Central Marketing Group (CMG), Malaysia

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Using SPONGE Consultancy to help building and motivating a new team was time well spent. It’s never an easy task to bring together a new team with different aspirations and dynamics, but Pauline uses well proven techniques to help team members better understand their individual communication and thinking styles and therefore work together as a cohesive team.

I would highly recommend Pauline’s facilitation skills. She is quick to adapt to clients’ needs. And she helped to make our 2011 objective setting exercise fun and rewarding. Look forward to working with you again, Pauline.

Ashley Veasey

CIO, Standard Chartered Bank HK

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“Pico TBA have been very lucky to be able to turn to SPONGE Consultancy for support when we need it. When the scale is large, the project complicated and fresh challenges are thrown at us every day, we have always found SPONGE Consultancy to be a valuable partner who are able to laterally think and complete jobs quickly and efficiently. They have always won the trust and respect of our project teams and clients for collaborative and professional approach.”

Tyronne O’Callaghan

General Manager, Pico TBA Consulting Group Ltd.

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The USA Poultry & Egg Export Council, utilized the very talented services of SPONGE Consultancy for a 1-day Whole Brain Thinking Workshop during our 2013 International Marketing and Strategic Planning Conference.


Our organization is very diverse and with representatives from 15 countries present, we had an outstanding experience with the Whole Brain Thinking Workshop! Our attendees found the event to be most enlightening, fun and something that we can utilize in our marketing work throughout the world. The workshop was interactive and kept the attention of all involved until the end.


Thank you Pauline and Sean for a wonderful experience for our group.


Greg D. Tyler

VP of Marketing, USA Poultry & Egg Export Council

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“Pauline has been a valuable asset to my team while facilitating meetings for us. She is a true professional, who handles the frantic process of collecting, assessing and analyzing meeting content better than anyone I have worked with in the past. Her ethics, when handling confidential data is beyond reproach. She is tremendously organized, always prompt and accurate in her work and always brings positive energy into every meeting she works in.”


Rick Hamilton

VP, Services Cisco Systems Inc.

Some of our clients:

  • Bank of America

  • BASF

  • Central Marketing Group (Malaysia)

  • Duty Free Shoppers

  • Hong Kong Trade & Development Councils

  • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

  • IBNR Insurance Consulting Ltd.

  • Interactive Data (HK) Ltd.

  • Invesco Ltd.

  • Liquidnet Asia Limited

  • Macquarie Group Limited

  • National Australia Bank

  • Pacific Basin Shipping

  • Pico Consulting Group Ltd.

  • Prudential Corporate Assurance

  • Restored Balance Kinesiology (Melbourne)

  • Standard Chartered Bank

  • The Women’s Foundation

  • UBS AG

  • USA Poultry & Egg Council

  • West Kowloon Cultural District Authority

  • WHA Industrial Development PCL (Thailand)

  • Wholistic Therapies (Shanghai)

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