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integrative strategic planning

Business strategy is not only for companies and corporations. Anyone who runs their own business should have a clear picture of their strategy that aligns with their personal values and core purpose.


I’ve been a business strategy facilitator for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and corporates for more than 15 years. After becoming a holistic health practitioner, I can see how valuable it would be for each practitioner, our community, and the world if more people integrate holistic health into their daily lives, and that’s the reason why I want to help my fellow holistic health practitioners to build a successful business.


Creating a business strategy can be fun and easy. I’m going to break it down for you so you won’t feel overwhelmed. And I’m going to work with you to ensure every element is connected to each other and most importantly aligned with your core and your subconscious mind.


I will also be your sounding board, creative buddy, and “personal trainer” to challenge your comfort zone, show you your blind spots, and help you identify what’s been holding you back. The whole process is to help you integrate your past with your present, so you can move forward with confidence.

Creating a business strategy can be fun and easy.
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So many of us, independent wellness practitioners, want to help as many people help as possible as quick as we can, but many find it hard to answer those simple but tricky questions: Who are you? What do you do? Who do you serve?


Pauline helped me to gather and systemize intelligence about my wellness practice as I was expanding my offering. Even I have done it before, I needed deeper understanding and guidance. I know all too well the possibility of being stuck in “I don’t really know”, and getting paralyzed in actually getting out there and offering your services.


Pauline’s extensive experience both as a corporate consultant and a wellness practitioner really helped me to fine-tune my course. The mind maps we built are on my desk and remind me daily where and how to focus my efforts.


Valeria Boyko

Wholistic Therapies, Shanghai

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Working with Pauline on strategic planning was mind-blowing.


Her systems that layout where your challenges are and where your strengths lie are really easily understood. The action plans that are created together help to move forward with direction and the vision that emerges from the process.


Pauline’s extensive experience working with corporate companies and facilitating workshops, and working with people for in excess of 20 years, shows clearly with her questioning skills to detangle the web of confusion I had with my business and how to grow it.


In addition to Pauline’s coaching skills, she is also a kinesiologist. She includes these in the package on the last session of 5. Whereby, Pauline works on clearing the challenges that have arisen in the previous 4 sessions so that the progress you are aiming for, can be achieved.


I thoroughly recommend Pauline’s Holistic Health Business Strategy Program. This program is jam-packed with content, detailed insights and strategies to walk away with.


Pauline’s sense of humour and relatability means the time passes quickly and you feel inspired to tackle challenges you didn’t realise you had!


Megan McIntyre
Restored Balance Kinesiology, Melbourne

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