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integrative strategic planning


8-Session Business Strategy Program

  • Four x 1.5-hr session

    • Define your vision and mission

    • Clarify your purpose

    • Recognize your core values (guiding principles)​ and core competencies

    • Identify your ideal clients

    • Dissect your challenges and create potential solutions

    • Develop your ever-adapting plan (business growth and/or exit strategy)

  • One x 2-hr session

    • Identify and reprogram your blockages and self-limiting beliefs and your business's.​

    • Build supportive relationships with your business

    • Align your conscious and subconscious mind toward success

  • Three x 1.5-hr follow-up session

    • One session per quarter as a continuous support​

    • Revise your strategy based on the economic environment, personal situations, and global events

    • Dissolve stress around existing and new challenges

Scheduling Options

  • Bi-weekly appointment for the first five sessions (recommended)

    • This allows you to have ample time to review each session's outcome 

    • You will have time to connect with each element identified and created during the session

    • You get to implement any solutions created and make adjustments along the way before you finalize your business strategy

    • This option is suitable for those who need time to process and digest information, those who enjoy trial-and-error, and those who have a busy schedule

  • Four sessions (6 hours) in two days and the fifth session on a separate day

    • Have your strategy ready in two days and the integration on a different day

    • This option is suitable for those who prefer fast pace processing, and those who just need to fine-tune their existing strategy. 

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